TitleFreda Smith school teacher recorded 1996
AbstractFreda Smith née Keene interviewed by Stuart Devenish on Mersea Island Lions Talking Magazine 213 August 1996, introduced by John Foxall.
Freda was a teacher at Mersea School. She started there as a pupil. Head was Mr Toombs and school house was School House (he was probably the last to live there).. Teachers, gardening, school was all-age school. Corrugated iron classroom used for cooking and woodwork. Playground divided in two. 1935 Jubilee. Milk came in real bottles with cardboard top. It would sometimes be frozen in winter. Freda got scholarship at 11 and went to Girls High School. From High School, she joined the ATS and then came back to Mersea School to do some pre-college training (around 1946). 2 years teaching at Wivenhoe. Early 1950s came back to Mersea to teach. Record was 52 children in a class. Taught till 1959 - got married, children Mary and David - came back to school in 1966. She taught Stuart in a classroom called 'The Garage'. Taught lesson in canteen. She was teaching in there when King George VI died. Mr Cotgrove was head teacher when she came back. Teachers listed. Freda taught to 1984. A new infants school had been built. There was a Swimming pool. Headmasters Mr Westcott (keen on sport), Mr Young (very musical).

From the School Log Book: 1936 Freda Keene listed in Examination Successes 20 July 1984 Mrs Freda Smith retired after 26 years service.

Freda was born 25 September 1925 and died 18 November 2015

"Mersea School" by Freda Smith appeared in Mersea Island Society Mistral Magazine in 1994. See MIS_1994_057

RecordedAugust 1996

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