TitleThe 'Colchester' Earthquake of 1884
AbstractThe 'Colchester' Earthquake - recording from ?. Narrator talks to Dr Brian Skipp about damage in Colchester. Jumbo was completed just before the earthquake and was undamaged. It is not known what caused the earthquake. The epicentre was a few miles south of Colchester. Damage at Peldon church - Rev. Eddie Lendon talks about cracks in the tower, which are significant and closely monitored. Lady from Peldon talks about it - a house on top road where Mrs Hyam lived was almost completely ruined. A man's father farmed Barn Hall at Tolleshunt Knights. Mr Hutley said they would go up to the Church - bad devastation - which church ?

Part of Lions Talking Magazine No. 167

Duration9 minutes
RecordedSeptember 1992

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