TitleKen Mole interviewed for Lions Talking Magazine
AbstractKen Mole interviewed by Albert Streeter Lions Talking Magazine 190 in August 1994.

Meet a Lion - the new President Ken Mole, who has been In the Lions for 16 years. Ken has a daughter on the island and granddaughter Samantha. His son lives in the Caribbean. Ken is Mersea born and bred - born in 1935, his family lived in the Coastguard Cottages until they burnt down in November 1949. They moved to a new Council House in Dawes Lane. He was at Mersea School from 5 to 15 - through the War. One of his first jobs was on Mr Ward's carrier's van, which set him on the path of the last 22 years [ with a van of his own ]. But early on, at age of 16 with 5 local lads, he also went yachting for a year in the Mediterranean. On one occasion they picked up Gracie Fields in Capri. Ken served in local Fire Brigade for 15 years - Oscar Whiting was in charge, then Len Harvey and finally Joe Mussett.
Ken had a shop in Yorick Road selling furniture and knick-knacks. One day Mr George Turner came into the shop. He wondered if a Lions Club would start on the Island. Ken gave him some names, most of whom became charter members when the Lions was formed.
Another early job was at Bromans Farm - for 7 years. One day, working on a tractor, a young lady turned up - Betty Offord. They got to know each other - and married 22 Mar 1958.
Ken plans to lose weight - for sponsorship. He talks about plans for the coming year in Lions.
Returning to his working life, another job for 4 years was as caretaker of New Orleans flats when they were built. ( Miss Guthrie Smith who was at Orleans before they were demolished by Stanley Hills and the flats were built. She designed physio-therapy apparatus. )

With thanks to Mersea Lions for recording so much history for Lions Talking Magazine over the years.

Duration14 minutes
RecordedAugust 1994

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