TitleElgar Mussett from Lions Talking Magazine 55
AbstractElgar Mussett continues the story of his escape from Singapore. Having crossed Sumatra, the party reached Padang and hoping to be rescued by a British destroyer. There were about 800 there, mainly Australian and in fact Elgar was with mainly Australians for 3 years. After waiting 6 or 7 days, the Japanese arrived and they became prisoners.

They were taken by prison ship to Tavoy Burma, and put to work on building the Burma railway. Elgar suffered from Malaria and at one point had a nervous breakdown. Eventually the war ended, their Japanese captors left, and they found their way to Rangoon. Thence to Ceylon, and back to Southampton on the CHITRAL. He had been away 4 years.

Elgar was soon back in Mersea and said he has rarely strayed far from Mersea since.

This is Elgar Frank Mussett, born 1920, son of Frank Elgar Mussett

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Duration36 minutes
RecordedNovember 1982

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