TitleMary Stevens - author of 'Old Spiery'
AbstractMary Stevens interviewed by Dennis Chatters. Mary is Archivist at Mersea Museum and has recently written a book on Revd. Pierrepont Edwards (Old Spiery). The conversations that Mary had with Bill Clarry first raised her interest in Pierrepont Edwards. She talks at length about Old Spiery and his personality, and was able to track down Captain Woolton who was at Gallipoli with Pierrepont Edwards.
Mary has kept her notes on Pierrepont Edwards for some future person to expand on. She has also interviewed and taken written notes, from Mersea personalities such as Bill Clarry.
Mary and Dennis speculate that the Lions Talking Magazine is building up a useful archive of Mersea memories and that one day it will be of use to future historians. Dennis mentions that all the tapes are carefully kept.

From Lions Talking Magazine No. 86.

Duration18 minutes
RecordedMay 1985

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