To help find the record you want, you can restrict your search to a particular category or you can search for words that have been used to describe the record - or you can do both.

To search for records in a particular category, click the Include Category in Search box and select the category you want. There is a structure to the category, for example Places will include
Places->Burnham etc.

Put words in the Search field to limit your results to records that contain your words in the main text fields. You can search for records that contain:
- Any of the words you have put in the Search field.
- All of the words you have put in the Search field.
- The words in the same order as in the Search field.
Any will return the most results and Use exact phrase will return the least number of results.

Special characters such as punctuation are treated as blanks. For example, they would split Cruise/Passenger into Cruise and Passenger. Words of less than 3 characters are ignored.


For many searches, buttons allow you to change the order of the images returned.

Sort Alphetically is the default order, similar to ordering by Image ID.

Show by date added - the images that have been most recenly added to the site are shown first.

Show by date taken - the earliest images are shown first. However, we do not know the date many photographs were taken and these will appear at the end.

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