Mersea Museum in 2021


The history of Mersea and the surrounding areas. The many exhibits include sections on Local History, Natural History, Social History, Marine and Geology.

Time and Tide
the changing face of Mersea

WW1 Memorial Soldiers and Sailors
Two of the 51 soldiers and sailors who lined the Strood in 2019 are now on display at the Museum.

Found on beach
Bones found in recent years - Iron Age skull, Bison, Wild Boar, Mammoth, Sperm Whale ...
Red Hills, Fish traps

Changing Minds Changing Coasts
A National Environment Research Council sponsored project run by CITiZAN (Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network "Mapping 100 yeasrs of coastal change on Mersea Island."
This is also available online:
Changing Minds Changing Coasts

Essex Native Oyster Restoration Initiative (ENORI)
A number of organisations working with local oystermen to build the Native Oyster into a sustainable fishery.
The past year has been a year of progress.

Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network (CITiZAN)
Local volunteers working with CITiZAN to document finds on the foreshore.

Archaeological excavation in East Mersea
Bronze Age cemetery found at East Mersea.
An excavation Sept 2019 in a field with crop circles found a Bronze Age cemetery and cremation urns. A joint project between CITiZAN and University College London, with funding from the Society of Antiquaries.

West Mersea School
150 years
In 1871 Revd. T.J. Musselwhite of West Mersea gave the land to build the school...

School Gardens
1925 - 1960 the gardens were a bit part of school life.
Some people think gardening should be back on the curriculum ...

The Sea Front
The Esplanade over 120 years. Farmland, tents, beach huts, gun emplacements, car parks, boat trips from the beach, sun, mud ...
See West Mersea Seafront for the pictures from this display.

The Board Walk
Bronze Age timbers from what is thought to have been a board walk were found in the mud off Mersea in 2017. Since then they have undergone a preservation process, and will soon be on display in the Museum. The timbers have been dated to Late Bronze Age.
See In the mud

Mersea Museum Summer Exhibition 2021
West Mersea School c1900
Dig at East Mersea Sept 2019
School gardening c1930
Bison bones found East Mersea 2011
Memorial soldier and sailor at Mersea Museum
Oyster dredging
Beautiful Mersea from 1909 brochure
Board walk timbers found off Coopers Beach
Bronze Age Cemetery at East Mersea - burying the urn