Mersea Museum in 2018


The history of Mersea and the surrounding areas. The many exhibits include sections on BEACH History, Natural History, Social History, Marine and Geology.

The main exhibition is new every year.

Mersea Between the Wars - 1920s and 1930s

Work and play in and around Mersea in the years between World War 1 and World War 2.

Holiday island develops
- the Boating Lake, Kiddiesland, Cooper's Beach, Golf Club. Land on front between Broomhills and Seaview bought by Council and Esplanade built.

Services on the Island
The coming of mains water and electricity. The water tower.
The Fire Brigade. Radio and Television.

Buses, ferries, barges on the Hard. The use of horses and sail coming to an end.
C.W.A. Scott pioneering flight to Australia.

1918 - the end of WW1
Royal Fleet Auxiliary INDUSTRY sunk and 6 Mersea men lost.

The Mersea Band, football, cricket, golf, dramatics, music, carnivals.

The Board Walk
Timbers from what is thought to be a Bronze Age board walk were found in the mud off Mersea in 2017. They will eventually be on display in Mersea Museum, but will not be avaiable for the 2018 Summer Season.
See In the mud

Summer 2018 exhibition
MOLLIETTE opposite the Victory 1930s
Boating Lake, Shears Meadow c1936
Cascade and Paddling Pool, Kiddiesland c1936
Mersea band playing for the Regatta around 1920
RFA INDUSTRY sunk October 1918
Wedding of Percy Green and Lucy Hoy 29 Sept 1917
George Marriage ploughing on Coast Road near Victory 1924
West Mersea smacks in the 1930s
Water tower fire 1931