2016 Exhibition at Mersea Museum

Looking Back...

40 years of Mersea Museum.
Mersea Island Museum opened September 1976.
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1916 World War I
The Battle of the Somme.

Zeppelin L33 at Little Wigborough
L33 crashed at Little Wigborough 24 September 1916.

Girl Guides
Girl Guides started on Mersea 90 years ago.We have memorabilia, drawings, photographs on display, and over 500 photographs on the computers. Just a few of them are visible Here

Underwoods on Mersea
The self-service Old Forge Filling Station opened 50 years ago. The Underwood family have been involved in transport and garages since 1866.

Mersea Barrow - the contents
The urn, bones and lead box found in Mersea Barrow came back to Mersea August 2014, and are now on Display in Mersea Museum.

Roman brick tomb - the contents
The urn, child's bones, lamp and tile flue found in 1923 in a brick tomb to the west of the wheel tomb came back to Mersea April 2016 and are now on Display in Mersea Museum. See Roman Tombs for more information.

Summer 2016 exhibition - main hall
Opening of Mersea Museum September 1976
Mersea Girl Guides 1936 Camp. Sybil, Gladys, Barbara
The Strood - barge KEEBLE and Carrier's Cart, c1894
August 2014 the urn, bones and lead box from the Barrow, now back on Mersea.
April 2016 the urn, child's bones and tile from the Roman brick tomb, now back on Mersea.
Zeppelin L33 came down 24 September 1916
The new self-service Old Forge Filling Station 1966
Looking down Kingsland Road to School - c1905
Rowland (Dick) Cook back left and Bert Cundy front left were both killed at the Battle of the Somme.
Chatters family group - c1915

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