What visitors say about Mersea Museum

May 2017

A small museum, but well worth a visit.
Currently it only costs £1 for Adults and 50p for children over 5 years of age. Open 2pm-5pm.
I found it a very interesting and informative visit detailing the local history of the island everything from pre Roman times to fairly modern day. An Audio commentary is available for more of a personal guided tour experience. The staff that work there are passionate about the local history and preserving it for future generations and are very friendly and helpful.

17 October 2016

What a fantastic Museum. So much to see of the heritage of Mersea, done by a variety of different people who have given their specialist knowledge of their subject with love, skill and time to pass on to the next generation.

Preserving heritage is the foundation of who we are.

Your little Museum is a credit to all who contribute to it.

It is a fantastic resource for tourism, local learning and the centre of your community.

Your Museum may be small but the knowledge in it is great.

Julian & Maria Worcestershire - (Staying at Coopers Beach & hoping to return)

2 October 2016

Popped into the West Mersea Museum yesterday, to have a warm welcome from the dedicated, local people, who give their time to run it. Having been brought up there as a child, I was keen to learn more. We went on the history tour, which was not only very informative but also only a minimal fee. We would thoroughly recommend it. We ran out of time to look round the museum but will certainly return soon.