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Ship:      BOUTRY
Arrived:21 February 1931
Departed:After 23 February 1934
Career:World War 1 "B" type steamship built for the Shipping Controller as WAR GULL and completed for Elder, Dempster & Co.Ltd. as BOUTRY. In 1920 she transferred to the African Steam Ship Co. She was laid up on the Blackwater River in 1931, being sold to the Greeks in 1933 and renamed MOUNT RHODOPE. She survived the War, renamed CAPTAIN GIORGIS in 1957. Broken up Piraeus 20 Jun4 1960.
Dated from Oyster Company ledger.
- 30 December 1933 owner now Rethymnis & Kulukundis.
- 23 February 1934 putting chronometer on board. [This is the last entry for BOUTRY in the ledger].

"Haven of Rest" by Douglas Gurton lists the vessel but has no further info. See DJG_SHP

Tonnage:5,182 gross
Type:Cargo ship
Owner:Elder Dempster
Official No:143295

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