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TitleTalk on West Mersea Church by T B Millatt Part 2
Abstract[07m] 16th Century iron-bound solid oak chest at the back of the church. It has 3 locks and 3 separate keys would be necessary - the vicar and two churchwardens needed to open it. It would have held not just church registers, church plate and parish papers, but would be safe-keeping for important papers from parishioners. [12m] Five bells from 18th century, but there are mentions of earlier bells. Currently [1985] the treble has a hole in it and cannot be used.
Duration17 minutes
File nameWest Mersea Church by Tom Millatt 30th June 1985 - Part2.mp3
Recorded30 June 1985
Updated2016-09-12 16:59:50
AudioFileMMAV001/MerseaM001/Audio/West Mersea Church by Tom Millatt 30th June 1985 - Part2.mp3

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