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ID TXA00950 Article from Mersea Museum / Tony Millatt / Ron Green

TitleAn early Mersea Telephone Directory
AbstractAn early directory, compiled from various sources.
Number Notes
1 Clifford White, The Croft, Melrose Road. Kelly's Directory 1922, 1929 Official Guide
2 Thomas Price, Port Bower, Yorick Road Kelly's 1929
2 Clifford White Official Guide
4 James Ayres, Brazil House (Shameen) Kelly's 1929
5 Howard's Stores Kelly's 1929
6 Samuel George Baker, Quinte, Seaview Avenue Kelly's 1929
7 Victory Hotel Kelly's 1929
9 Clarke & Carter, Yacht builders 1929 Official Guide
10 Barclays Bank c1950 - Bill Johnson
10 F.J. James, Blackwater Stores c1920 Official Guide
11 Fred. G. Smith, Mill and Bakery 1929 Official Guide
12 Frederick Robins, Grocer 1929 Official Guide
12 Blackwater Stores Ron Green
13 Dr Ben Hall, The Lawn, Mill Road Kelly's 1929
13 West Mersea Doctor's Surgery Official Guide
14 Mrs Dale, Walnut Tree House (back of The Square Kelly's 1929
17 Mersea Bus Company - Primrose Garage 1929 Official Guide
18 Mrs Hales, 5 Gables, Willoughby Avenue Kelly's 1929
19 S. Hart, Oaklands, Grove Avenue Kelly's 1929
21 S. Hart, Oaklands, Grove Avenue Kelly's 1929
22 Gowen & Co. 1929 Official Guide
23 Samuel Callow, Leysters, East Road Kelly's 1929
24 Mrs Mason, The Boat House Kelly's 1929
25 Horace Martin, builders 1929 Official Guide
26 Lt. Col. Cartwright, Garden Farm House Kelly's 1929
27 Major Harden, Woodstock, St. Peters Road Kelly's 1929
27 Griffon Garage 1929 Official Guide
28 Revd. Pierrepont Edwards Old Spiery
29 Mrs Harrison, West Mersea Hall Kelly's 1929
29 Jefferies Stores Official Guide
30 Police Station Official Guide
32 Wm Allen, Estate Agent.
G.C. Ward (Solicitor) (Page & Ward)
1929 Official Guide
32 S.A.M. Hines, Estate Agents Advertising Board in Museum
35 N.H. Bacon, Casa Pontis Kelly's 1929
37 George Bacher, Kenora, Seaview Avenue Kelly's 1929
38 W.S. Lazarus-Barlow, Smiths Hall Kelly's 1929
40 Mersea Sailing and Social Club Kelly's 1929
41 Fountain Hotel Official Guide
42 Highfield Guest House Official Guide
44 Jas Death, Motor Car Pro., Mill Road Kelly's 1929
46 Mrs Passadoro, The Coast
1955: Firs Chase School
Kelly's 1929
48 Griffon garage
50 John Wyatt, Chemists 1929 Official Guide
50 Bamborough and Ross Ron Green
51 C.R. Cranshaw, Fairseat, Beach Road
52 Albert Edwards, Old Forge House (Blue Row)
52 Riding School, East Road Official Guide c1960
53 Mersea Dairy Supply, Barfield Rd. Official Guide c1960
55 Firs Chase Caravan Park Official Guide
56 Wm. Wyatt, Shipwright Official Guide
57 Mrs Condon, Tideway, The Coast
58 Mersea Island Golf Club Golf Club Handbook
61 Geo. Wash, Confectioner, High Street
62 Digby Bros 1929 Official Guide
63 Leonard Mills, Fruit and Vegetables
George Deeks, Builder (next door) Oscar Whiting Haulage Contractor (Mill's son-in-law)
1929 Official Guide
64 Alick Reeve, Draper Official Guide
66 White Hart
69 West Mersea Ltd., Builder's Merchants
70 Gilbert Rowley, Builder Golf Club Handbook
81 WM Urban District Council Official Guide c1960
86 Kingsland House School 1952 Official Guide
90 Baker, Fairseat, Beach Road 1952 - Yates family letters
92 Webb, The Nothe DM1_AB2_068_001
95 Vincent Thorp Private Hire Cars 1952 Official Guide
108 W.J. Carter Ron Green
122 Kiddiesland Kelly's Directory 1937
136 West Mersea School - installed 26 July 1941 W.M. School log book
145 Chatters Brothers Ron Green
149 The Spinning Wheel Ron Green
167 Mersea Cycle Stores Ron Green
178 Spinney Cafe Ron Green
194 The Bookshop Ron Green
204 Post Office Ron Green

Kelly's directory 1937, in the East Mersea section, lists some other numbers, but it also lists Kiddiesland with a West Mersea number). Did East Mersea have its own numbers for a while?
2 Mersea Island Golf Club Ltd Kelly's 1937
4 George Death - Post Office and Home Farm Kelly's 1937
AuthorTony Millatt / Ron Green
Keywordsphone list telephone list.
SourceMersea Museum

This item is part of the Mersea Island Museum Collection. The information is accurate as far as is known, but the Museum does not accept responsibility for errors.