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The list of people contains data from:
Baptisms at East Mersea Parish Church and West Mersea Methodist Church

Census records  (only available inside the Museum.)

Register of Electors  (only available inside the Museum.)

House numbering West Mersea

Marriages at East Mersea Parish Church, West Mersea Parish Church, Abberton Parish Church, Fingringhoe Parish Church, Langenhoe Parish Church, Peldon Parish Church, Little Wigborough Parish Church and West Mersea Methodist Church   (only available inside the Museum.)

Tithe maps

World War I and II names

17th Century East and West Mersea records

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The Summary page only contains the main details from an entry. You can click on some of the column titles to sort the data on that column - a powerful facility. For example, you can sort by date, by name, by page, by occupation etc. Sorting on Page will display records in the same order as the original document.
Click on Details to see all the details for a record.
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More Information on the Details page may contain information relating to an entry but from other sources.
The Initials are those of the contributor:
[PG] Peter Godfrey, [RG] Ron Green, [RR] Rosemary Rainbird, [TM] Tony Millatt.
There is a detail list of the source of most of this information at
Summary of Parish Records held in Resource Centre .

Whilst every care has been taken with the transcription of information, should you find any errors please Contact Us with details so that amendments can be made.

Baptisms at East Mersea Parish Church
Information covers 1942 to date. It is derived from the church register and images of the register pages are available on the image database in the Museum.
Baptisms at West Mersea Methodist Church
Information covers 1904 to date. It is derived from the church register and scanned images of the register pages are available on the image database in the Museum.

The record of a baptism in the register will normally produce 4 records in the list - for the person baptised, the mother, the father and the Minister.

Date column contains the date of the baptism.
Father's name [data3 and data4].
Mother's name [data5 and data6].
Marital Condition [data7].
Address or Place column contains the Abode, as listed in the register.
Sponsors [data2]
Minister name of the Minister, from the register. [Data1].

Search on keyword baptism if you only want to see Baptism records.

Census records
Information currently covers East Mersea, West Mersea, Abberton, Fingringhoe, Langenhoe, Peldon, Salcot and Virley, Great and Little Wigborough for the years 1841, 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 and 1911.
Census information is only available inside the Museum or to Museum Members.

Date column contains the date of the census.
Address or Place
For 1851, on the Summary page, this column contains the Household number. The census did not record an address.
Houses Uninhabited and Inhabited is on the census form for 1841, 1871, 1881 [Data1 and Data2] or 1861 [Data2]
1891 and 1901 have Inhabited/Uninhabited [Data2] and number of rooms if less than 6 [Data1]
1911 has the and number of rooms [Data1]
Marital Condition (for 1911 should include the number of whole years married). [Data7]
Age - for 1841 only, if the age was above 15, it should have been rounded down to the nearest 5. i.e. 19 would have become 15. The rounding did not always happen.
Employer or Employed shown on detail display - 1891, 1901, 1911 [Data9]
Whether blind or deaf and dumb shown on detail display [Data3]
Business of Employer (1911) [Data3]
Where born [data8].

Register of Electors
Information covers East Mersea for 1868-69, 1921, 1931, 1939, 1945, 1955, 1977, 1990 and 2001;
West Mersea for 1921, 1931, 1936, 1955, 1973 and 1978. Just a few entries have been transcribed for 1939, 1945 and 1951.
Electoral information is only available inside the Museum or to Museum Members.

House numbering for West Mersea
Most houses initially only had names. From 1968 to 1971 houses were given numbers. In addition, with the construction of the Oakwood Avenue 'spine road', many houses in East Road and Windsor Road were renumbered.
The list contains the house name, number and the contact name.

East Mersea Parish Church 1725 - 2011
(but some records are missing - see
Parish Record Summary ).
West Mersea Parish Church 1625 - 2011.
Abberton Parish Church 1604 - 2012.
Fingringhoe Parish Church 1755 - 2015.
Langenhoe Parish Church 1721 - 1960 (after which the church was demolished).
Peldon Parish Church 1705 - 1980, 2004 - 2011 (1980 to 2004 register has not been located).
Salcott Parish Church 1959 - 2011.
West Mersea Methodist Church 1967 - 1993 and 1998 - 2000.
Mersea Museum has a microfiche copy of the records from Mersea and several surrounding parishes.
Marriage records are only available inside the Museum or to Museum Members.

A marriage will normally produce 4 records in the list - for the husband, wife, husband's father and wife's father. On the summary screen, the Relationship field shows the role of the named person in a particular marriage. Clicking on Details for any of these people will display a single screen with all marriage details listed.

Tithe maps
Data from the Tithe Maps for East and West Mersea is available. There are separate records for each Owner and Occupier.
Field Number.
Type and Use [Data1]

World War I and II names
Names of men and women who served during World War I and World War II, from various sources. This is still under development - there are many loose ends...
Sources are:
- The book Not Just a Name by Roger Bullen.
- The book If You Shed a Tear by E.J. Sparrow.
- Newspaper articles, including lists of those Called to the Colours during the latter half of 1914.
- Absent Voters List for 1918 and 1919 for Mersea and Peldon. We do not yet have any other parishes.
- War Memorials
- Individual family photographs and histories.
- Research by Roger Bullen for Mersea Island for WW2

17th East and West Mersea records
Information is derived from Parish Registers, Hearth Tax, Quarter Sessions/Assize Records, Wills etc. Work on it is ongoing and now covers both East and West Mersea.

Records in this list may be built up from any of the source registers.

Date where available, is the date of the earliest entry found.
Parish Register Entry where available, is the date or dates of the parish register entries. [dob]
Address or Place - if a Hearth Tax record exists, it will be recorded here. The column will include clues as to the address, if available.
Literate [Data9]
Marriage [Data1]
Death [Data2]
Spouse [Data3]
Children [Data4]
Relatives [Data5]
Others Named [Data6]
Goods / Property [Data7]
Other References [Data8]
Document References Essex Record Office references for this data.

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