The crew of ENDEAVOUR I, trial horse for the 1937 Amerca's Cup.
Names that are known are:
1. Jim Mussett (West Mersea),
2. Neville Gurton (Tollesbury) hand,
3. Jack Gempton (Brixham) Mate,
4. Will Lewis (Tollesbury) Lampey,
5. Captain Ned Heard (Tollesbury),
6. Cyril Coates (Tollesbury) 1st Cook,
7. Horace 'Shrimp' Chatterson (Tollesbury) hand,
8. Ed Heard jnr (Tollesbury) Steward,
9. Charlie 'Jumbo' Randall (Hythe, Southampton),
10. Waller Pengelly (Looe) Runnerman,
11. Jack Sargent (Looe),
12. Leonard Pengelly (Looe),
13. thought to be Joe Uglow (Looe) 2nd Cook.
14. Dan Mutton (Port Isaac) Bosun.
15. Jim Stubbins (Tollesbury) hand. [to left of 2., not yet marked]
Jack Gempton was known as Jack but was actually Samuel John Gempton [Linda Gempton].
Looe names are from Barry Jolliff - Waller Pengelly's grandson.
See MST_EDV_001 for a copy without the numbers.

Other names from the log of the trip kept by Jack Gempton which is in Brixham Museum: Capt Absam navigator, Lewis Wilkinson 2nd Mate, H. German Brixham Stayman, R. Parker (Woolston Hants) 2nd mast head, J. Cann Preventor, D.O. Urnie (Tighnabruaich Argyll) [from Maureen Beeho, granddaughter of Jack Gempton.]
Tollesbury to the Year 2000, page 66 includes some of these names.
Image used in ENDEAVOUR 1 booklet from Mersea Museum.
Date: 1937      

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