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 West Mersea men serving with the Colours
Cat1 War-->World War 1

West Mersea men serving with the Colours

Chatters, John R.N.R., HMS BACCHANTE
Chatters, Edwin R.N.R., HMS BACCHANTE
Chatters, Percy R.N.R., HMS SAPPHIRE
Cook, Bertie R.N.R., HMS SAPPHIRE
Cutts, Edward R.N.R., HMS SAPPHIRE
Ennew, Arthur R.N.R., HMS SAPPHIRE
Milgate, Henry R.N.R., HMS SAPPHIRE
Mussett, Reginald R.N.R., HMS SAPPHIRE
Beynon, Walter R.N., HMS HANNIBAL
Digby, H.G. Royal Flying Corps
Cleghorn, Cyril Royal Flying Corps
Mussett, Charles P.,    R.N.R., Transport No.2
Mussett, Peter R.N., HMS IPHIGENIA
Mussett, Walter R.N.R., since last issue found to be a prisoner in Germany WW1.NAV
Mussett, Ralph R.F.R., HMS CRESSY, R.I.P.
Cook, Ernest R.N.R., HMS ARROGANT
Farrow, Alfred R.N.R., HMS GANGES II
Crabbe, Frank R.N., Submarine
Farthing, Fred R.F.R.
Cudmore, Robert, R.N.R.
French, James R.N., HMS IMPLACABLE
Heard, Harry R.N., HMS VENGEANCE
Heard, Thomas R.N., HMS SKIPJACK
Funnell, Thomas R.N., HMS ABOUKIR, R.I.P.
Frost-Smith, E. R.N., HMS ABOUKIR
Gentry, Arthur R.N., HMS VANGUARD
Hewes, Walter R.N.R.
Mussett, Charles S. R.N.R.
Jordan, William, R.N., HMS FALMOUTH
King, Nelson R.N.
Wass, William R.N.
Webb, George, R.N.
Chapman, Arthur R.N.
French, Stanley R.N.R.
French, Cassell R. R.N.R.
Green, Willam HMS FOX HOUND
Hewes, Arthur J. R.N.R.
Owen, John R.N.R.
Mussett, Fred R.F.R., HMS PYRAMUS
Brand, Clifford R.N.R.
French, Horace R.N.R.
Hempstead, Harry R.N.R.
Montgomery, Y.E.
Avis, Oscar Cutts motor boat despatch

Cundy, Bert Essex Regiment, Kitchener
Wright, Albert Essex Regiment, Kitchener
Farthing, Clifford Essex Regiment, Kitchener
Cook, Roland Essex Regiment, Kitchener
Rogers, James Essex Regiment, Kitchener
Stacey, John Essex Regiment, Kitchener
Stacey, Harry Essex Regiment, Kitchener
Forester, Robt. Essex Regiment, Kitchener
Hewes, Alfred Essex Regiment, Kitchener
Mole, Oliver Essex Regiment, Kitchener
Mole, William Essex Regiment, Kitchener   
Pullen, Arthur Essex Regiment, Kitchener
Whiting, Horace Essex Regiment, Kitchener
Brown, Chas Essex Regiment, Kitchener
Appleby, James Essex Regiment, Kitchener
Dixon, Alfred 8th Hussars
Milgate, George Kitchener, Norfolk Regiment
Banks, Joseph Motor Trans. A.S.C.
Stacey, Albert Essex Regiment, K.
Russell, William
Bullen, Thomas Royal Flying Corps
Lee, Bert 8th Hussars
Cutts, John Kings Royal Rifles
Cutts, Leonard 20th Hussars, K.
Cross, Harry Pearl 20th Hussars, K.
Roberts, Percy E. 20th Hussars, K.
Roberts, Edgar G. Hon. Artillery Com.
Littlehales, George G.    Hon Artillery Com.
Smith, Hugh Norfolk Regiment, K. Link to WW1_HSM
Smith, Thomas Norfolk Regiment, K.
Osborne, Walter Royal Field Artillery
Cooke, Harry Royal Field Artillery
Stacey, Joseph R.F.A., K.
Clarry, Thomas R.F.A. Link to WW1_TCY
Cooke, Robert Royal Garrison Artillery
Mole, Horace Rifle Brigade
Mole, Harold Rifle Brigade
Hart, Ernest 8th Hussars
Hart,B. 8th Hussars
Pullen, Ernest Motor Transport
Springfield, C.O. Royal Engineers
Mattingly, S.W. 7th Fusiliers
Dent, S.U. Musketry Instructor
Bullen, John East Lancashire Regt.
Martin, Fred Royal Artillery
Hewes, Bert Royal Engineers
Thorpe, Horace R.A.M.C.
Carey, W.C.J. Army Ordnance Department
Clarry, Charles W.C. Yeomanry Link to WW1_CEC

In addition to the above, the following husbands of Mersea women are serving with the colours:-

Newman, Jones R.N.
Luff, Frank R.N.
Young, Ernest R.N.
Walling, William HMS TYNE
Baker, William Dorset Regiment
Robertson, James Gordons
Williamson, Charles 16th Lancers
Davis, Arthur R.F.A.
Taylor, William B. N. Hants
Ladbrook, Raymond
Law, Percy
Gethen, Harold

Date: 14 November 1914      

Photo: Mersea Museum
Image ID CTC_041
Category 1 War-->World War 1


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